High handling performance in narrow aisles


Quickly and safely around the narrow aisle warehouse

High throughput rates and particularly safe handling processes in the most limited space – Linde Material Handling has designed its turret trucks and vertical order pickers specifically to meet the demands of narrow aisles. This includes powerful drive and lift engines that enable the forklift to move off and lift at the same time, so that the required location in the racking is reached quickly.

At the same time, the Linde System Control regulates the lift and driving speed according to the weight of the load, optimizing performance according to the driving conditions. Optional Linde assistance systems protect against accidents and assist with rapid navigation through the warehouse. Energy recovery during braking and lowering the load saves energy costs and increases availability. Dependent upon the model and configuration, the lifting capacity can reach up to 1500 kilograms.

Maximum performance in the high rack warehouse

Linde Material Handling very narrow aisle trucks enable exceptional pace of load handling: For an assumed shelf height of seven meters, they process up to 30 pallets per hour – substantially more than counterbalanced forklifts or reach trucks. Decisive for this, amongst other things, is that the forklift can move and lift at the same time. For example, a pallet can be moved very quickly at considerable height in a diagonal direction and at consistently high speed

Systematically achieving greater productivity

In order to be able to move the greatest volume of goods in the shortest time in narrow aisles, Linde VNA forklifts use various assistance systems, as well as the optional Linde Warehouse Navigation system. This system supports the driver and indicates to him via the display the exact position in the warehouse for any particular goods. He merely has to activate the drive function to arrive precisely at his target destination.

Available as alternatives, are various positioning aids such as camera systems that facilitate handling at heights or the automated forks cycle. In this process, the truck carries out three movements during pallet emplacement or removal at the press of a button. The Linde System Control detects whether there is a load on the forks and begins the appropriate movement cycle automatically.

Increased safety for everyone

Narrow aisles are difficult to view from the truck. Linde turret trucks therefore have a range of safety devices to minimize the accident risk to the driver and other employees. For example, the optional Aisle Safety Assistant (ASA) triggers targeted commands so that the forklift moves more slowly if the surface is uneven, or restricts the lift height if there are obstructions, such as ceiling supports. Working safety is ensured by the driver having to operate the control unit with both hands and a dead-man’s switch on the seat, or the floor of the cab to be able to move the truck.

Healthy work place in the forklift truck

The VNA forklift provides the driver with an ergonomic work place: All the control elements are laid out ergonomically and easy to reach. Control is easy with multi-axis levers and there is plenty of storage space to make working easier in the spacious cab. Various mirrors and camera systems improve all-round view, which enables the driver to avoid strenuous body movements.

Automatic navigation through narrow aisles - how does it work?

The starting point for goods transport is always the customer’s warehouse management system: The central system sends the necessary target data to the receiver in the forklift via a WiFi network. The truck determines its current position by RFID transponder or barcodes. At the same time the lift-height measurement system integrated into the forklift provides information on the current height. The forklift system compares this information with the stored map of the warehouse. This achieves high-precision 3D navigation. The driver just operates the drive function.


Made-to-measure very narrow aisle trucks

There is a wide range of modules available for Linde VNA forklifts – for example, different motors, batteries, chassis and masts. The required lifting capacity, handling performance and lift height determines the choice. The internal equipment of the cab can be configured according to requirements with fixtures, alternative control units and seats, or an enclosed cab for use in cold storage areas. Ultimately, the customer has a tailor-made solution for many hours of operation.

In addition, a team of engineers develops customer-specific solutions for special usage requirements.


Capacity (kg) 0 – 1500

Lift Height (mm) 0 – 12850


Capacity (kg) 0 – 1500

Lift Height (mm) 0 – 18110