For Greater Safety and Efficiency


Material handling is a crucial aspect of every industry. By choosing Linde machines, you can be sure that you will receive service that is reliable and readily available. With over 8,500 service technicians at some 700 sites worldwide, service is a key part of Linde’s offer. Our services in the areas of technology, equipment, safety and the efficient use of your industrial trucks and driverless transport systems ensure maximum fleet availability, increase safety in the workplace and reduce costs. Linde offers the following services worldwide:

Maintenance and Repairs

With our expert technicians, servicing and repairing of forklifts come in handy. We have up to speed and technologically advanced technicians to attend to your servicing needs.


Halcyon MH is the sole dealer of Linde forklifts in Ghana. 

OEM Spare Parts

Regardless of whether for forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment or automated trucks, the Halcyon MH spare parts service delivers nationwide, around the clock and, in most cases, the following day.


With our wide range of forklifts and hand pallet trucks, Halcyon MH Ltd. provides rentals for short and long term use.

Operation Enhancement

We enhance warehouse operations by providing expert operators and qualified technicians for your needs.

Technical & Safety Services

We handle the statutory checks for your Linde industrial trucks and rack systems, offering additional intralogistics consulting and services.

Retrofit & Accessories

Linde retrofits and accessories upgrade forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment to the latest standard and make them safer, more efficient and more comfortable.


Linde training programs ensure well-trained forklift operators and in turn, safe and smooth operation.

Why choose Halcyon MH Ltd

The process of choosing the right material-handling equipment can be a daunting endeavour. With over 10 years’ experience, Halcyon MH has continuously evolved to address the ever-changing, wide range of material-handling needs across industries.