R20 – R25 F

Capacity (kg): 0 – 2500 (kg)

Lift Height (mm): 0 – 9650 (mm)

  • Intuitive 360° control
  • Adjustable prong distance
  • High lifting and driving speeds
  • Load and lifting height display
  • Specifically for bulky loads
  • High residual load capacities
  • High handling performance
  • Graduated battery range



R20 – R25 F four-way reach trucks are specifically designed for transporting particularly long items in narrow aisles. They are not only able to move forwards and backwards, but can also move sideways in both directions. Their adjustable prongs, which can be set to a width of up to two meters, also allow extra-long loads to be transported and stacked. With lift heights of up to nine and a half meters, they are also suitable for use in high rack warehouses. R20 – R25 F-series trucks can even easily handle high loads of up to 2,500 kg. This makes them ideal for long and heavy loads, such as steel girders and wooden beams for the building and timber industry as well as for use on production equipment and in the logistics sector.


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