LT10 – LT20

Capacity (kg): 0 – 1600 (kg)

Lift height (mm): 0 – 60 (mm)

  • All-wheel steering for small turning circles and high directional stability
  • Fast lift function when getting on and off
  • Adaptation to different transport goods due to movable middle support
  • Patented lifting profile mechanism allows pallets to be transported without a rolling load carrier
  • Optional tugger train guiding system for integration into digital processes



Linde’s LT10 – LT20 logistic trains are an efficient solution for bundling horizontal transports of large quantities of materials over longer distances, for example from a warehouse to several production lines. The three frame variants, C-Frames, B-Frames, and B-Frames with middle support can hold up to 2,000 kilograms, 1,000 kilograms, and 1,600 kilograms respectively, and offer the flexibility to combine different loads on one train. Whether pallets, grid boxes or small load carriers, transport goods of up to 2,000 kilograms per frame are maneuvered quickly, nimbly and with stability, even through narrow aisles and tight curves. The frames can be towed by either a manual or an automated tractor. Linde supports its customers with an optional tugger train guiding system for integration into digitally controlled processes and to ensure efficient use of the trains.


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