E100 – E180

Capacity (kg) 0 – 18000

Lift Height (mm) 0 – 7000

  • Flexible adaptation to any customer application
  • Choice between lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries
  • Cost-efficient variant for light applications
  • Dynamic driving performance



The electric E100 – E180 heavy trucks from Linde are the most powerful in their class. They combine the best of both worlds of E- and IC trucks: The series combines the power delivery characteristic of diesel vehicles with the environmentally friendly, quiet, dynamic driving style of electric forklift trucks. The new heavy trucks transport and stack loads of up to 18,000 kilograms at heights of up to ten meters. The electric forklift trucks draw their energy from either two lead-acid or two lithium-ion batteries. Customers can therefore choose between a cost-efficient variant for light and medium applications and equipment for demanding tasks and high utilization. A quick battery change is possible for 24/7 use. Thanks to the powerful electric motors, the new heavy trucks are in no way inferior to Linde’s most powerful IC truck to date, putting them at the top of the performance range.


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